Innovative Marketing Strategies for Social Media

August 16th, 2013 · 12:00 am

Like any specialized community, social media has its own set of rules and accepted standards.  If you want to truly develop meaningful relationships with your users, you’ll have to learn and follow these standardsand sometimes, know when to break them.

  1. Portray your company honestly and without deception.  Customers will find out eventually.
  2. Don’t make advertising the sole purpose of your social media presence.  People will lose interest.
  3. Don’t mix your professional and personal social media accounts.
  4. Don’t boost your numbers with mass follows, retweets, and other techniques that don’t engage customers.  Your time can be better spent on the customers who truly care about your business.
  5. Keep your content updated.  Out-of-date content looks lazy and unprofessional.
  6. Interact.  Gaining attention is a reciprocal process.
  7. Make friends by helping to promote others before yourself.  This can come in handy in the future.
  8. Make sure that your online network reflects well on your business.
  9. Spell-check your work.
  10. Don’t post information that you don’t want getting out.  This should seem like an obvious rule, Direct TV, but it’s also one of the most important.

Making Social Media Work for You

June 30th, 2013 · 12:00 am

Making Social Media Work for You

How To Play The Game of Social Media
There are a number of techniques and benefits in order to manipulate social media to your advantage. First, you need to develop an Internet persona. What this means exactly is a particular voice and objective sensibility that is entirely your own. The best way to achieve this is to study other pages in order to get a glimpse of how you want to approach this method.

How To Use Social Continue reading…

Making Social Media Part of Media Planning

May 15th, 2013 · 12:00 am

Social networking has taken on an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. This is why it is now on the minds of top executives and others from major media companies all across the country. Those who are in these positions are seeing it as something that they have to incorporate into their overall strategy.

This mindset breaks down all the way to small businesses. They understand that the social networks can do a lot of good when it comes to spreading a message or gaining Continue reading…

Strategies for Change Using Social Media

March 25th, 2013 · 12:00 am

Social media is quickly becoming a favorite way for advertisers to market their brands. That’s because many people use social media and pass along information to their friends and family members at lightning speed. This gives marketing companies the opportunity to reach more people at a low cost of advertising. Social media marketing companies have responded by offering their customers these types of marketing services. This form of advertising is much lower than print advertising methods. That is Continue reading…

The Revolution of Revolution and Social Media

June 15th, 2012 · 12:00 am

Revolutions happen all the time, whether it’s Facebook taking over your social life or the protests that swept through Egypt. However, in this modern day with all of our technology, revolutions happen differently than they used to. What once took time to build as it spread by word of mouth and newspaper columns now takes place in a fraction of the time over the Internet. But we’ve had the Internet forever, so what changed? Two things; the familiarity of this generation with Continue reading…

The Role of Social Media in Changing Societies

September 11th, 2011 · 12:00 am

In the past decade or so, social media has changed how people share ideas and information. Even the use of e-mail has had a dynamic effect on how we communicate. Now we can use these applications to keep family members and friends up to date on what we are up to, where we go, and yes even what we eat.

With sites available like Facebook and MySpace, profiles become their own form of social expression. From posing music to your profile picture, it Continue reading…

Using Social Media for Mass Communication

August 27th, 2011 · 12:00 am

There are few ways more powerful than social media for sending out mass communication. For businesses, social media has quickly become one of the more powerful advertising tools in their arsenal for this reason. In addition to getting a widespread message out quickly, social media also allows the chance that the message can be spread to others outside of the immediate list of friends or followers.

Businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from social media. Many users now use social media as one of the top ways to stay in touch with family Continue reading…

Innovative Social Media and the Marketing Mix

August 14th, 2011 · 12:00 am

Most people have heard of social media sites and use them often. But the fact that social media can be excellent marketing tools has not been fully realized by many business owners. Tapping into this relatively new outlet can have significant benefits.

Social media can be used to advertise your business. Posting often lets people know who you are, what you do and how your business can help them. If you think you don’t have enough to say Continue reading…

Innovative Ways to Use Social Media to Score Deals

May 27th, 2011 · 12:00 am

Saving money online is nothing new but since social media got in the mix there are more ways than ever to collect cash on the web. Here are a few of the more innovative ways to use social media to save you green…
Tweet for deals: Oftentimes companies like to see who Tweets about their brand so try the tactic of talking to them. Tweet a company to ask if they have any deals or specials or ask outright for coupons or Continue reading…

Creative Social Media Development and Design

April 16th, 2011 · 12:00 am

Social media is becoming more and more popular as a means of promoting a business, service, or personality. One common problem with social media promotions is there is an inherent sameness to the approaches people take. Such a problem should be considered avoidable as there is much creativity which can be employed in a social media advertising campaign.

Here are a few creative and innovative concepts you can employ:

Create multiple profiles that cover different themes and concepts. For example, you could create one profile that Continue reading…